Bay Area Government Affairs Update


At CMS BUSH we have been involved in the Multifamily housing construction and development industry many years so we are always reading up on interesting news. Recently,  the Bay Area Apartment Association Government page posted an update; this association covers the Florida Tampa Bay area.  Here are a few highlights or key points of interest we collected from the update.

  • Greenlight Pinellas¬† A comprehensive transportation plan for the future. It includes bus transit service and a light rail connecting St. Petersburg, the Gateway area, Largo, and downtown Clearwater. Voters are to decide November 4th if they will support a penny increase to the sales tax rate to support the plan. For more information regarding this plan Click Here
  • Any building renovation, according to Mike Crane – Senior Environmental Specialist for Pinellas county, must have a written asbestos survey prior to any renovation activities. The survey must be conducted by a Florida licensed Asbestos consultant and the asbestos survey must be maintained on site. This requirement is supposedly in accordance with the Federal Clean Air Act. For more details on Florida’s State requirement and regulations Click Here
  • Should you have plans for building construction rehabilitation on buildings built before 1978 you may want to review EPA information.
  • The City of Largo has the welcome mat our for Multifamily development and is working on favorable signage ordinances and inviting development to specific areas. The city of Clearwater also desires Multifamily development to assist in creating a residential concentration in and around downtown to support the day to evening environment needed to support other facets of business such as retail, restaurants, and offices.


For more information you can read the update in its entirety here